Safe From the Day

Time signature is 4/4, though the feel is longer than a straight 4.  This song should sound elegant, tired, and reflective.

Tuning: DADGAD

Intro D, D, B, A [x4]

Verse 1

D D B   A

After a day spent far away from your dreams

Words, words, words cutting deep, leaving seems

Held together by nothing more than coffee beans

G                             A

I sing to keep myself afloat and throw water from my boat

I dream of one day feeling fine about the day I’ve left behind


Chorus (D, D, B, A)

I’m safe from the day (x3)


Verse 2

Keep your head up they say and things will be just fine

Well I’m tired of hearing that same old tired line

If you’ve see what I’ve seen then you’ve heard it all the time


I sing to keep my spirits high, ‘cause i’ve forgotten how to cry

I dream of writing happy songs, and not feeling so alone

I scream without making any sound to express what i’ve found

and I scream, without making any sound….

Oh, and here is what I found:



E            Gb     G

You can change your life

It’s all in your mind

You can sleep at night

E            Gb  G     A

One day at a time 




Live Performance