Medium-fast pace.  Rock/Pop feel with predictable structure.  This song should invoke tones of anger and frustration.

Intro – [Am, Am, Fsus, G]

Verse 1

Am            Fsus        G

Fire, you came from fire.

Tired, you leave me tired.

Storm, you bring the storm.

Worn, you leave me worn.



Dmin7         C         G

I keep thinking I found a roadway out

I keep dreaming there’s something left to doubt

Dmin7 C       G       Fsus         E7

Cause I’m sinking like stones after a drought

Don’t pick me up

Don’t pick me up

Don’t pick me up

Just leave me alone


Verse 2 

Liar, you call me liar

Higher, keep pushing higher

Love, you claim to love me

That’s enough, that’s quite enough



Solos [Am, Am, Fsus, G] x 4


Outro   [Am, Am, Fsus, G] x 4




Live Performance