Bad News

You came to me with one thing on your mind.

You dug in, you bit down, and cried.

We both know how, we both know how to use.

Guess there’s only one thing left to do…


Oh, but it’s bad, it’s bad, bad news

It’s bad, it’s bad news.


You look at me, bet you see a simple guy.

We talk all night, you tell me about your life.

You took me home, put ideas in my head.

You ask me if I’m sure, then you threw me on your bed.


Yes, you’re bad, you’re bad news

Oh no, you’re bad, you’re bad news

But I knew just what do to with you…


I set up shop from miles away

but you call all night, and you called you day

I told you I was scared, this wouldn’t work

It’s clear that you don’t care if you get hurt


Cause I’m bad, I’m bad, bad news

And I knew just what to do with you.

With you…

With you…

With you…


I’m not proud, I set us up to fail

But it’s not just me in this two person tale

You said, “Hey, crazy, don’t you put me in a song.”

Oh, but I could tell it’s what you wanted all along…


Cause you’re bad news…

Yes, you’re bad news

And we both knew how to use.