This Austin, TX, singer/songwriter can show you how to smack the living crap out of the acoustic guitar in a good, good way. But he’s actually a really sensitive guy and is not afraid to show it on his debut album, “Safe From the Day.” With influences such as Martin Sexton, Jason Mraz, Marc Broussard, John Mayer, Ani DiFranco, Victor Wooten and Don Ross, this album isn’t just a singer/songwriter’s blog, it’s a demonstration of what the acoustic guitar can do.

Here’s what the press is saying about Dave:

“Dave Ransom may just be one of the best guitarists in the world. Those of you who have seem him play know I’m not just engaging in hyperbole. “Handsome” Ransom, as his female (and some male) fans call him, is known for his ability to slap and tickle an amazing array of sounds out of his guitar…and he sings his ass off…” – The Corkscrew Wine Bar mailer, Houston, TX.

“He’s the reason rock and roll works: an earnest young man with a three-day-old beard, carefully cultivated windswept hair and closed eyes, standing on a makeshift stage with a well-loved guitar in his hands, singing meaningfully into a mike.” – The Houston Press (source)

Where are you from?

In reverse order – Austin (present), Houston (3 yrs), Boston (4 years), New Jersey (6 years), Dallas (11 years), Los Angeles (9 mos.), Mom (~9 mos).

Why do you write music?

Short Version – I found the thing I can’t live without (no exceptions), and it’s music.
Long Version – Call me.

What are the most common nicknames you hear for your last name?

Alright folks, get it all out here. Here’s a list. Feel free to add to it! Shout out a good one at a show and I’ll add it…Dave “Held For” Ransom
Dave “Ransom Note”
Handsome Ransom
Did you see that movie with Mel Gibson? (I hate this one…)
Dave “How much is the” Ransom
Dave – is it like money? – Ransom?
Dave what?

How did you record your debut album?

With a few great friends, PeteSimple, and Sam Ortallono, at Sunrise Sound Studios in Houston, TX.  Three recording days later, we had a blast and 13 tracks. At every step, these two have lent a wise and helping hand. Good friends, folks.

What are your songs about?

Well, many of my songs came from my teaching days in Houston, TX. Each is a snapshot of a time period in my life – sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes a period of months. Safe From the Day actually started in Australia over 4 years ago as just an instrumental track, and it wasn’t until my job as a public school teacher  that I found the words to complete the message. A lot of these songs serve as reminders to myself, or to anyone, really, who is struggling with day to day living. I hope you can find yourself in a few of these songs.

How did you learn to play in that style?

A great friend introduced me to fingerstyle guitar in high school, and before I knew it my electric guitar was gathering dust. I took my interest to the Berklee College of Music summer performance program, twice, and then put in the hours teaching myself Don Ross and Tuck & Patty CDs.